Privacy Policy


We realize that privacy is important. Our privacy policy applies to all products and services offered by BANG Aroma and/or its subsidiaries. We adhere to the US Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of Notice, Choice, Onward Transfer, Security, Data Integrity, Access and Enforcement. All personal and related information is retained by BANG Aroma, and will not be sold or otherwise transferred unless the express consent to do so has been obtained. In special circumstances, BANG Aroma will comply with requests for information required by law, court, or governmental order.BANG Aroma is not obligated to notify the customer if information is divulged by means of a court order. Aggregate information will not be shared with advertisers; third party companies; email advertisers; phone sales or any companies geared towards case studies. At BANG Aroma, we take pride in upholding privacy among our clients. BANG Aroma collects only the information required to process your order, along with basic information about how our site is being used so that we can continue to improve it for you. We will not share, rent, lend, or sell your information to anyone. To ensure that your information is secure, we use the latest SSL technology (the best encryption technology currently available) to encrypt all of your order details, including name, billing address and credit card information as they are in transit. If you would like to read more about our privacy and security policies, feel free to contact us with any additional questions you might have. You can learn more about online security by reading our security policy.

Personally Identifiable Information
In order for us to provide you with the products or services that you have requested, you may be asked to provide us with personally identifiable information. For example, when you place an order, you will be asked for your shipping and billing addresses, your e-mail address, and your credit card number or other payment-related information. If you request our newsletters or send an inquiry to one of our customer service representatives, we will store a record of your request, along with your e-mail address, so that we can respond accordingly. In addition, our web servers track various technical details about your visit, such as your computer’s IP address and which pages you visited. However, that information does not typically contain any personal information about you and is only used internally to improve our products and services.


Copyright & Software usage
All aspects of this web site – design, text, graphics, applications, software, underlying source code and all other aspects are copyright BANG Aroma and applying to content and technology providers. In accessing these web pages, you agree that any downloading of content is for business, commercial reference only. No part of this web site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of the current website administrator. To obtain rights clearance you can email our web developer for additional information.

Security Policy

Payment Handling & Storage
Payment methods are never stored on BANG Aroma website payment processors. Each order must be accompanied with some form of payment. We will not take requests to store your credit card information for future orders.

Information Protection
Protecting your personal information is extremely important to us. To this end, we use the latest in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to communicate with your web browser. This technology allows for the encryption of all personal information passed between our servers and your web browser, including your name, address, and credit card number. SSL technology is utilized both when placing orders through our store and when logging into your existing account on our website to modify any of your personal information. You can confirm that your connection is secure by looking in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window. If you see an image like the one below, the SSL is active and your connection is secure. You can also look at the web address (URL) displayed near the top of your browser to see if your connection is secure. If secure, it will have an ‘https’ prefix, rather than the normal ‘http’ prefix. Please note that SSL will not activate until you log into an existing account on our site or begin the checkout process once you have completed your shopping. The information we collect is used to provide the products and services that you have requested. For example, we will use the e-mail address you provide when you place an order to send you information about that order, such as confirmation of your order and tracking information when it is shipped. You are given the opportunity to opt-in and opt-out of any additional communication from the company such as our newsletter and product specials, and can do so at any time by choosing the ‘Edit Profile’ option that appears under the “Account Dashboard” of your screen while you are logged into your account. The information we collect is also used to improve the content of our web site and notify you of problems with your requests.